About Us

Anoka-Ramsey Community College is committed to practicing and promoting environmental sustainability. The College recognizes that sustainability is vital to maintaining its long-term viability. Members of the college community–faculty, staff, and students–are encouraged to act to support sustainability efforts.

Volunteers help to pass out vegan food samples to promote “Meatless Monday” during the 2019 Earth Week events.

Anoka-Ramsey Community College is dedicated to environmental sustainability and works to:

  • conserve natural resources through usage reduction, sustainable practices, and the purchasing of environmentally sustainable goods;
  • encourage the use of sustainable transportation to and from our commuter campus;
  • reduce waste generation through decreased consumption and increased recycling; and
  • educate our campus and surrounding communities through sustainability-focused education, modeling of best practices, and educational campaigns focused on environmental action.

The goal of the Anoka-Ramsey Sustainability Committee on the Coon Rapids Campus is to  support current practices in environmental sustainability at the College.  Our responsibility is to advocate and encourage future sustainability efforts by administration, faculty, staff and students.

We are working very hard on our Sustainability efforts – please check out out blog for what we’ve been doing!

Members of the Coon Rapids Sustainability Committee and Sustainability Club placing our organics recycling bins before its launch.
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