Trash Talkers

Contamination of our waste streams is a huge issue and can result in both organics and regular recycling being thrown away entirely, which not only is bad for the environment but also costs us money!  YOU can help by properly disposing of your waste and assisting others in doing so by volunteering for a short, one-hour shift with the Trash Talkers!  The Trash Talkers are students, faculty and staff volunteers who take a shift standing next to designated recycling bins on campus to help the campus community learn how to properly dispose of their waste.

Interested in being a Trash Talker? Here are the essential “training” details:

A) Review the attached PowerPoint and test your knowledge using the three “quiz” questions at the end (if you already reviewed this in the past you can choose to skip this step if you feel confident you know the drill). trash talkers electronic training_revised

B) Sign up for a one-hour slot (or slots) by clicking on the following link:    SIGN UP HERE!!

C) Wear a green shirt (if you have one–no worries if not!!) on the day of your shift(s) so you stand out as a member of the Trash Talkers.

D) Show up at the date and time you chose and stand guard by the trash, recycling and organics recycling bins. When people dispose of their items properly, give them kudos and a cool sticker!

Also, we could always use more volunteers so if you have friends, colleagues, students, teachers, etc. that want to join in the fun please send them our way!

trash talkers
Trash Talkers volunteering in the ARCC Coon Rapids Cafeteria.
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